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First, and foremost, your web site MUST have a category in Bob's Good Stuff Lists in order to be acceptable. If this is not the case, do not submit your web site as your submission will just be deleted with no further action. This means, if your submit a web site under a category that is clearly inappropriate and there is no other category that applies, the submission will just be deleted without notification to you.

There are no provisions for automatically adding new Categories to Bob's Good Stuff Lists. If you would like a new category to be added to Bob's Good Stuff Lists, send email to Links Manager ( and it will be considered. You will be advised of the decision regarding the new category.

The following guidelines apply to all categories:

  1. All resources must be displayable in ALL common browsers (MSIE, Netscape, Lynx, Opera, etc.). Any site designed to work specifically or primarily for one browser over another will be rejected. In addition, the site should display properly when a site is created using style sheets but the browser is configured not to use style sheets.

  2. If the link you are adding is a Diabetes related event, please use the Add A Diabetes Event form instead of adding your link to the Events category.

  3. DO NOT use a web promotion or web site submission utility to submit your link. All submissions MUST be made manually using the "Add a Link" form on Bob's Good Stuff Lists.

  4. All sites MUST be suitable for viewing by people of all ages. That means, no pornographic sites and no sites that use language not suitable for viewing by small children. This includes sites that link to such sites. There are no exceptions to this rule and the decision as to what is acceptable is made by the staff of Bob's Good Stuff Lists and is final (no appeals).

  5. Bob's Good Stuff Lists is not a commercial or business directory! If your site is commercially oriented (it is profit based), your chances of having the site included in Bob's Good Stuff Lists are based on how closely the site matches the Category under which it is submitted. For example, medical company sites are not included unless they specifically relate to diabetes or diabetics. Non-commercial medical sites that could be of benefit to diabetics in general are acceptable. Similar requirements apply to all categories of Bob's Good Stuff Lists. The Other category is not a "catch-all" for commercial web sites.

  6. It is recommended that you be officially connected to the site being submitted in some way. You can be the owner or webmaster of the site or have some other official capacity regarding the site. This is not a hard and fast rule but, be aware, someone with such official capacity may request changes be made to the listing.

  7. The site must be in the English language or have an alternate English language version available. No one on the staff knows any foreign languages and we cannot validate a site if we cannot read and understand the site.

  8. Do not submit "test" entries. This just adds unnecessary work for both you and the staff of Bob's Good Stuff Lists. If you want to test the software used for this site, use the Gossamer Threads link at the bottom of this page where a demo of the software can be found and where you can submit all the test entries you want.

  9. Do not make multipe submission under one category for sub-pages of your site if the main page has already been submitted. For example, if your main web page is submitted under the Internet category, do not submit other pages that are linked on your main page under the Internet category. You may, however, use the appropriate Internet sub-categories that relate to your other pages for your submissions.

  10. Any site submission that does not follow these guidelines or the instructions in the submission form will be deleted without any action being taken or notification to the submitter.

  11. All fraudulent entries will be rejected and the IP number from which they are submitted will be blocked from further access to ANY/ALL accounts maintained by 45th Parallel Internet Services -- no exceptions!

Here are instructions for completing each field of the form:

If your browser does not process forms, you can email your submission as follows:

Mailto Address: Links Manager <>
       Subject: Addition to Database
    Site Title: (Name of the Site Being Submitted)
      Site URL: (URL Address of the site)
      Category: (the Category to list your site under -- Categories are
                 displayed at the top of each Bob's Good Stuff Lists pages)
   Description: (Plain English description of the site -- NO keywords)
  Contact Name: (First and Last name of person to contact about this site
                 if different than you)
 Contact Email: (Email address that applies to the Contact Name if different
                 than your address)
                (Note: This must not be an autoresponder address)

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