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About Bob's Good Stuff Lists: Diabetes

Back in 1986, when I was first diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic, my doctor handed me a small brochure containing information about Diabetes. I was sent to a Dietician to attend a class on Diabetes and learned more about caring for Cholesterol than I did about Diabetes. I needed more information but had no idea where to find it.

In 1995, I became actively involved in the Internet and, specifically, the World Wide Web (WWW). Using the search engines available at the time, I tried to find information about Diabetes but, alas, there was sparse information online at that time. I knew that if it was hard for me, a computer literate person, to find information, it would certainly be even more difficult for people just getting into computers and the WWW. I decided that a place was needed where Diabetes sites could be categorized and listed so as to make it easy for people to find the information they needed. Thus, Bob's Good Diabetes Stuff Lists (now known as Bob's Good Stuff Lists: Diabetes) came into being.

The Diabetes Lists currently consist of 12 categories, some of which contain sub-categories. The main categories are:

In addition, Bob's Good Stuff Lists: Diabetes contains the following added features:

For the most part, I did not write the descriptions contained in the lists. I have, however, personally reveiwed each site to ensure that it contains information that you will find useful. Otherwise, it would not be listed. Generally, the information provided for each link was extracted from the site itself or furnished by the person who added the link. It is done this way to 1) provide you with enough information to determine if you want to visit the site and, 2) to allow you to judge for yourself the usefulness of the information the site contains.

I neither vouch for nor endorse any of the information or products listed. I am providing the links only as a public service. You must determine the validity of any claims contained on any of these sites for yourself. Please be sure to discuss any medical information you find on any of these links with your health care professional BEFORE using that information in your diabetes treatment program.

If you know of a Diabetes related web site that is not included in any of Bob's Good Stuff Lists: Diabetes (except the Bookstore), you can add that web site by using the Add A Link option that appears at the top of each list page. This will not automatically add the site to the lists. Instead, it is stored in a special database until I have the opportunity to personally visit and review the site. If the site meets my requirements, it is added to the lists. Otherwise, it is not. You will receive email notification as to the decision concerning your submission.

While you are here, why not take a moment to sign my Guestbook and leave some comments about anything concerning this page or your own personal situation. If you have your own web site, you can include it as part of your Guestbook entry, allowing others to browse your site. It is also a good place to find email addresses of people who share your interest in Diabetes.


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